Restaurant St. Barts is the culmination of passion & hard work from three long-term friends Johnnie, Luke & Toby – the team behind Nest restaurant in Hackney & Nest Farmhouse in Norfolk.

The interior of restaurant St. Barts, a line of wooden tables laid for services in a room with natural tones and wooden floors.
Two chefs prepare dishes in the kitchen of restaurant St. Barts.

“Restaurant St. Barts is the restaurant myself, Luke & Toby have always dreamed of opening.

Over the last 7 years we’ve met and
worked with some of the most incredible suppliers from across the UK, and Restaurant St. Barts will be our opportunity to showcase them under the one roof.

We want to create an experience that focuses on respect – towards the natural environment, the incredible produce that comes from it and everyone involved in the process.”

Johnnie Crowe,
Executive Head Chef

Taking diners on a journey through the British Isles, Johnnie and his team serve a tasting menu that champions the very best small-scale farmers, growers, & conservationists this country has to offer.

Dinner starts in the relaxed bar area before guests are invited to take their seats overlooking the cloisters of London’s oldest church – St Bartholomew the Great. For those looking for a taste of Restaurant St Barts within the confines of a lunch break, a short Set Menu is available during the week.

Taking inspiration from the natural materials used to create the historic buildings around us, Restaurant St Barts is built with raw materials such as stone, wood and soft fabric throughout, to bring a feeling of the old Smithfield to the new. In line with the team’s sustainability ethos, local woodworker Archie Faber uses wood from fallen London Plane trees to create the restaurant’s handmade tables.

The bespoke tableware is made in-house by co-Founder Luke alongside ceramicists including Adrian Gonzales, who draws inspiration from the British coastline and surrounding oceans to create unique pieces that enhance the simple but beautiful nature of the dishes.

We can’t wait to welcome you soon.
Johnnie, Luke & Toby

The interior of restaurant St. Barts, a view of the lounge with soft armchairs and sofas, the room has natural tones and wooden floors.